Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day of Summer in Oregon

Beautiful First Day of Summer

It was a truly beautiful first day of summer!

Spring cleaning wrapped up yesterday inside, and today was time to head to the deck to prepare for many days of enjoying the sun, and yes, the June rain in Oregon . . . at least for a while yet.

I am so ready to head to the outdoors to work on my projects and enjoy the sounds of the baby birds asking for momma to feed them.
As you can see, the bench will benefit from some flash and color from a soft, ripple seat cushion.
The Silly Sally chair is waiting in the background for it's turn to be transformed into what "I think" is it's true self.

  And Crochet Kitty is ready and waiting!
Some of the plants have been brought out to spend some time in the sun, and as you can see, there is at least one waiting on the left, for a new home in a fun pot.

Little Loo is already sunning herself on her pink blankie, enjoying spending time in the sun!
A break for some lemon squares and raspberry, lemon refreshment.
Home Sweet Home
Ooh, how about a close up of me and Sis Kathy in our younger years . . .
Aren't we a pair?  I love the memories!
Back inside for the evening, and to dinner, and to prepare for tomorrow.
The kitchen crew!


  1. You better have saved me a lemon square! Love, sis nan

  2. Oh . . . well . . . talk to Russell.
    Love you too!