Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day of Summer in Oregon

Beautiful First Day of Summer

It was a truly beautiful first day of summer!

Spring cleaning wrapped up yesterday inside, and today was time to head to the deck to prepare for many days of enjoying the sun, and yes, the June rain in Oregon . . . at least for a while yet.

I am so ready to head to the outdoors to work on my projects and enjoy the sounds of the baby birds asking for momma to feed them.
As you can see, the bench will benefit from some flash and color from a soft, ripple seat cushion.
The Silly Sally chair is waiting in the background for it's turn to be transformed into what "I think" is it's true self.

  And Crochet Kitty is ready and waiting!
Some of the plants have been brought out to spend some time in the sun, and as you can see, there is at least one waiting on the left, for a new home in a fun pot.

Little Loo is already sunning herself on her pink blankie, enjoying spending time in the sun!
A break for some lemon squares and raspberry, lemon refreshment.
Home Sweet Home
Ooh, how about a close up of me and Sis Kathy in our younger years . . .
Aren't we a pair?  I love the memories!
Back inside for the evening, and to dinner, and to prepare for tomorrow.
The kitchen crew!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Project . . . Hmmm

Which New Project to Move on to . . .

Okay . . . always the decision.  I always have so many ideas and wants and need to do things going on . . . so . . . I'm thinking between needing to finish the hexagon baby blanket, the ripples blanket for the summer bench, and the newest; the cutest chair I got for five bucks that needs to be refinished and seems to be nice oak wood under the exterior.  I'm thinking it might be a nice addition to the deck for others to visit and crochet or quilt and share the Word.  Ooohhh . . . maybe to finish the ripple seat cover!  Or the chair . . . arghhh!!!  I love them all!

And then there are all the plans for the strawberry jams for the freezer that Mom already has done, and the dilly beans, and peaches, and more to can coming up.  The busy season is ahead. 

I admit that I love the lazy days with the wood heat and the thundering rain that lends to stitches of lovely yarns and thick warm soups that Russ is very good at (ohh, the split pea soup with ham), with my baked breads.
Now . . . to move on to the next project . . . as I said, I love them all!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Changing Seasons

I am proud to be an Oregon native and wouldn't know how live anywhere else!  I'm getting anxious to get back out on my bench to sip coffee, listen to the birds and my audio Bible studies, in turn . . .  and crochet.  I absolutely love our Oregon rain, and boy did we have a wonderful thunderstorm last night!  We stood out on the deck and watched the wind whip and the lightening light up the sky - what wondrous glory is this creation of God.

Every season has it's turn, and I truly enjoy them all.  Always giving each it's attention, I am then so ready for the next turn of weather.  Now, the flowers are blooming, and the chicks are becoming young women, soon to provide us with blue and brown eggs come late summer.

I adore our laughter here in this cottage home, and the time spent together hoping for a beautiful future for all we love.  Little Loo is cozy in her bedding after her bath, the bread is baking, the sun is starting to peek through . . . and my heart is happy!

Oooh . . . a big thank you to Russell, who graciously does a share of this typing when my eyes grow too tired.  He does a fairly good job of not making teasing smiles at my words, and my interests that range from a raging love for colors in yarns, to carefully picking lichen off the Oak trees for my mini terrariums - I love you big Russell.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Granny Square Spring Flower Baby Blanket

My Granny Square Spring Flower Baby Blanket is finally complete.  Yay!

I have been crocheting for many, many, many years and for some reason had never made Granny Squares.  I also had never messed much with changing colors, thinking it would be too much of a hassle.  I saw a beautiful afghan and decided a baby blanket might be a smaller project to give these Granny Squares a try for once.
I actually misinterpreted the pattern I found, not realizing it wasn't in U.S. abbreviations, and by the time I realized it, I had too many squares done to turn back - I actually love my squares now, and am pretty happy with the overall finished blanket.  Since my eyes get tired so frequently this project took much longer than I wanted, but I had a lot of fun with it.

Crocheting is in my blood, as my Mom, my Grandma, and my Great Grandmother always have had a ball of yarn in their lap and a crochet hook in hand.  Anyone who loves to crochet most likely can't remember the last time they watched a tv show without turning a few rows on their afghan.

Running low on useful dishcloths?  Whip up a couple for the drawer.
Dog needing a new sweater?  Dig through the yarn bin and get 'er going.

I love making things for my home, for gifts and even for a few extra dollars for more yarn.

Since I hate to think of using the vintage potholders I have in my hopechest from Grandma, I managed to figure out the pattern and now enjoy using them in the kitchen.  With the vastness of the internet, one can find a pattern for almost any project.  I recently completed a grocery tote that will be used over and over and washes well. 
I'm planning on posting my Granny Square Spring Flower Baby Blanket on my Etsy store site, so if by chance anyone is interested in this, please see it here.      I would love for you to share your current project with me, so don't hesitate to leave me a comment with pic or link!