Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Deck Decor

We were recently given a lovely cafe' table and chairs and after cleaning them up, we decided they might be a keeper.

The chairs are comfy, but, of course they need some "cush", so I've decided to make up a couple chair pads for comfort.

I still have some yarn scraps to use up, so I gathered them up and started on the cushions.  Russell saw my beginnings and stated that he thought I might've used white yarn . . . what?!  Not when you have lovely, silly colors to play with !!!  Of course, he conceeded as he knows he has no other choice to do when I have a whim . . . so we are off and hooking!

The colors don't show true here - the yellows aren't showing bright - smiley shades - love them!

If you should want to fashion a same circular pattern, I used the pattern from Lucy at Attic24 and you can find this pattern and many other lovely projects here.

The only thing I have done different from her directions is the way I attach the yarn color change.
Many of you most likely have a set way you do this, but, I will put my way of doing this here just in case it helps someone make this change easier.

Here I have the start to the cushion . . . I am using half double crochets because it's my favorite stitch and moves along quickly.  I started with 12 hdc in a magic ring, followed by two hdc in each for the second row.

Then pull through your new color just to the left of ending row tie-off.
Since I am working with half double crochets, I start with 2 dc . . .
Turn your work over and tie a snug knot, twice, with the new color and the previos color . . .
Now, you can continue on with Lucy's instructions by crocheting in your loose yarns for several stitches so you don't have to darn them in later.  Just a suggestion for another way to add the new color that I have found helpful.

I'm thinking that these cushions will have solid color backings so Russ can flip his over if he isn't feeling in the "silly color" mood.  They will also match the ripple colorful seat cover I completed for the deck bench . . . yay!!!
See the lovely cast iron verdigris girly I found and soooo adore?!
Isn't she just the sweetest thing you ever saw?  
Until next time . . . have a blessed day!

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  1. I love your little gal and the colorful deck you created. The table and chairs are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!!! Love, Nan