Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Changing Seasons

I am proud to be an Oregon native and wouldn't know how live anywhere else!  I'm getting anxious to get back out on my bench to sip coffee, listen to the birds and my audio Bible studies, in turn . . .  and crochet.  I absolutely love our Oregon rain, and boy did we have a wonderful thunderstorm last night!  We stood out on the deck and watched the wind whip and the lightening light up the sky - what wondrous glory is this creation of God.

Every season has it's turn, and I truly enjoy them all.  Always giving each it's attention, I am then so ready for the next turn of weather.  Now, the flowers are blooming, and the chicks are becoming young women, soon to provide us with blue and brown eggs come late summer.

I adore our laughter here in this cottage home, and the time spent together hoping for a beautiful future for all we love.  Little Loo is cozy in her bedding after her bath, the bread is baking, the sun is starting to peek through . . . and my heart is happy!

Oooh . . . a big thank you to Russell, who graciously does a share of this typing when my eyes grow too tired.  He does a fairly good job of not making teasing smiles at my words, and my interests that range from a raging love for colors in yarns, to carefully picking lichen off the Oak trees for my mini terrariums - I love you big Russell.


  1. I'll be up for a visit when I see the sun to sit on the porch with you! Love you big! Sis, nan

  2. I'll have an extra blankie ready on the deck for Roxie too! Love you :)