Friday, September 13, 2013

Missing Mary

My Friend Mary

Last month I lost a dear friend to a sudden, major stroke.  Now, each time I sit crocheting, much of the time spent is in thought of Mary.

A sweet soul that I spent afternoons in the sun outside the Timbertown Resale Shop, sharing patterns and recipes, and sometimes naughty gossip as the day wore on and customers came and went with found treasures from the Ahlquist's shop.

Mary treated all with graciousness.  She forwarded baby hats to hospitals, money to the unworthy and wouldn't turn away someone in need.  She was rarely without yarn and hook in hand, working endlessly on shawls and blankets and dishcloths.  If canning peaches or tomatoes, she wouldn't hesitate to share some of her bounty with me, to can as well.

Her words were fun and honest.  When bothered once by a seedy woman, she said, "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya".  We would laugh, and I knew this was the worst she could spew.

I sit tonight crocheting an afghan for the upcoming winter nights, and listen to a late summer rain storm, and think of Mary.  I picture in my mind how she would hold David's hand . . . look up at her tall man . . . and follow.

Mary is my dear friend who I miss and truly always will.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weather and Roasted Garlic

What to do when Oregon weather is fun and wild?

Roast garlic and smell the lovely aroma!

I recently received a dozen heads of garlic and decided to open the windows to watch the beautiful weather and process all the garlic for future uses.

It can be somwhat time consuming, but so wonderful when you want the flavors of roasted garlic toast or to use in a recipe.

Pretty easy to process the garlic. . .


Cut the tops down to the fresh garlic inside, clean and set in foil and then in muffins tins.

 Drizzle with olive oil,

 which you then want to rub in to the cut tops, and cover with the foil.  Roast at 400 degrees for 30 min.  When cool enough to handle,

the roasted garlic cloves will slip right out of the skins.

At this point you can mash with butter and red pepper flakes to spread on your homemade bread for garlic toast, or you can lay single layer on a lined cookie sheet and place in the freezer.
Once frozen . . . place in a container and take out what you need for a recipe or toast or whatever you please.
You can also place some in a jar and cover with olive oil and freeze.  The oil will be great for cooking with, as well as the cloves.  Just remember to not store the oil covered cloves in the refrigerator for longer than a week, as you risk developing botulism.
 I so hope you take the time to process any extra garlic cloves you may have to use later.  It is soooo worth the effort.   Enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Loos New Crocheted Dog Bed

Loo has made it quite clear that she has not been happy with the dog bed we got her off the bargain shelf!


After looking at this sad sight for several months, I felt something needed to be done.

I had quite some time ago started an afghan, then decided the yarn wasn't going to work, so I had an idea that it just might be the ticket . . . to use the squares for a new bed for Loo.

The project seemed to be taking shape . . .


. . . and done!  It wasn't exactly as I'd envisioned, but it might just work.

Loo tested the waters, seemed to think this might work.


but the true test was . . .


The perfect "puppy wrap"!

I think we're going to be okay - whew!




Monday, August 27, 2012

Harvest Time!

Harvest time is here . . . and with Russ' help, we are canning and freezing and enjoying fresh, fresh home grown fruits and vegies!  A bigggg thank you to Mom and Vern for their gift of vegies and peaches.
A good day of canning peaches, and a friend called to say she had many more for us . . . so, here we go again tomorrow - Thank you Lord!

Plus, the girls are laying and we are starting to fill the egg cartons with thier precious gifts.

We took a walk down to the river this afternoon and had lunch by the river.  We definately need to do this more often . . . just beautiful!

Fall is starting to peek in the mornings with the cool, fresh air.
Winter is on the way and it's time to plan for the hen's house needing a bit of weathering and all the possible foods put up for next year. 
I pray you all have a special blessing tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Deck Decor

We were recently given a lovely cafe' table and chairs and after cleaning them up, we decided they might be a keeper.

The chairs are comfy, but, of course they need some "cush", so I've decided to make up a couple chair pads for comfort.

I still have some yarn scraps to use up, so I gathered them up and started on the cushions.  Russell saw my beginnings and stated that he thought I might've used white yarn . . . what?!  Not when you have lovely, silly colors to play with !!!  Of course, he conceeded as he knows he has no other choice to do when I have a whim . . . so we are off and hooking!

The colors don't show true here - the yellows aren't showing bright - smiley shades - love them!

If you should want to fashion a same circular pattern, I used the pattern from Lucy at Attic24 and you can find this pattern and many other lovely projects here.

The only thing I have done different from her directions is the way I attach the yarn color change.
Many of you most likely have a set way you do this, but, I will put my way of doing this here just in case it helps someone make this change easier.

Here I have the start to the cushion . . . I am using half double crochets because it's my favorite stitch and moves along quickly.  I started with 12 hdc in a magic ring, followed by two hdc in each for the second row.

Then pull through your new color just to the left of ending row tie-off.
Since I am working with half double crochets, I start with 2 dc . . .
Turn your work over and tie a snug knot, twice, with the new color and the previos color . . .
Now, you can continue on with Lucy's instructions by crocheting in your loose yarns for several stitches so you don't have to darn them in later.  Just a suggestion for another way to add the new color that I have found helpful.

I'm thinking that these cushions will have solid color backings so Russ can flip his over if he isn't feeling in the "silly color" mood.  They will also match the ripple colorful seat cover I completed for the deck bench . . . yay!!!
See the lovely cast iron verdigris girly I found and soooo adore?!
Isn't she just the sweetest thing you ever saw?  
Until next time . . . have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day of Summer in Oregon

Beautiful First Day of Summer

It was a truly beautiful first day of summer!

Spring cleaning wrapped up yesterday inside, and today was time to head to the deck to prepare for many days of enjoying the sun, and yes, the June rain in Oregon . . . at least for a while yet.

I am so ready to head to the outdoors to work on my projects and enjoy the sounds of the baby birds asking for momma to feed them.
As you can see, the bench will benefit from some flash and color from a soft, ripple seat cushion.
The Silly Sally chair is waiting in the background for it's turn to be transformed into what "I think" is it's true self.

  And Crochet Kitty is ready and waiting!
Some of the plants have been brought out to spend some time in the sun, and as you can see, there is at least one waiting on the left, for a new home in a fun pot.

Little Loo is already sunning herself on her pink blankie, enjoying spending time in the sun!
A break for some lemon squares and raspberry, lemon refreshment.
Home Sweet Home
Ooh, how about a close up of me and Sis Kathy in our younger years . . .
Aren't we a pair?  I love the memories!
Back inside for the evening, and to dinner, and to prepare for tomorrow.
The kitchen crew!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Project . . . Hmmm

Which New Project to Move on to . . .

Okay . . . always the decision.  I always have so many ideas and wants and need to do things going on . . . so . . . I'm thinking between needing to finish the hexagon baby blanket, the ripples blanket for the summer bench, and the newest; the cutest chair I got for five bucks that needs to be refinished and seems to be nice oak wood under the exterior.  I'm thinking it might be a nice addition to the deck for others to visit and crochet or quilt and share the Word.  Ooohhh . . . maybe to finish the ripple seat cover!  Or the chair . . . arghhh!!!  I love them all!

And then there are all the plans for the strawberry jams for the freezer that Mom already has done, and the dilly beans, and peaches, and more to can coming up.  The busy season is ahead. 

I admit that I love the lazy days with the wood heat and the thundering rain that lends to stitches of lovely yarns and thick warm soups that Russ is very good at (ohh, the split pea soup with ham), with my baked breads.
Now . . . to move on to the next project . . . as I said, I love them all!