Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weather and Roasted Garlic

What to do when Oregon weather is fun and wild?

Roast garlic and smell the lovely aroma!

I recently received a dozen heads of garlic and decided to open the windows to watch the beautiful weather and process all the garlic for future uses.

It can be somwhat time consuming, but so wonderful when you want the flavors of roasted garlic toast or to use in a recipe.

Pretty easy to process the garlic. . .


Cut the tops down to the fresh garlic inside, clean and set in foil and then in muffins tins.

 Drizzle with olive oil,

 which you then want to rub in to the cut tops, and cover with the foil.  Roast at 400 degrees for 30 min.  When cool enough to handle,

the roasted garlic cloves will slip right out of the skins.

At this point you can mash with butter and red pepper flakes to spread on your homemade bread for garlic toast, or you can lay single layer on a lined cookie sheet and place in the freezer.
Once frozen . . . place in a container and take out what you need for a recipe or toast or whatever you please.
You can also place some in a jar and cover with olive oil and freeze.  The oil will be great for cooking with, as well as the cloves.  Just remember to not store the oil covered cloves in the refrigerator for longer than a week, as you risk developing botulism.
 I so hope you take the time to process any extra garlic cloves you may have to use later.  It is soooo worth the effort.   Enjoy!!!

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